Impossible Animals


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only took me 4 years


released April 30, 2016

Mastered by: Jamal Ruhe

Special appearances by:

Evan Bisbee: trumpet on "Explosion of Birds," and "Fading Kitten
Syndrome," piano on "Ghost," electric piano on "Hope"

Aaron Burke: electric bass guitar on "Hope," and "Ghost"

Ben Gallaty: bowed bass on "Little Sisters"

Mark Glick: cello on "The Ocean," and "Ghost"

Lonna Beth Kelley Hufman: vocals on "Little Sisters"

Robin Vining: cello on "Fading Kitten Syndrome," "The Ocean," and "Explosion of Birds"

Matthew Wiser: pedal steel on "Little Sisters"

Jef Wright: additional drums on "Hope"

"Truck Stop Tiger" mixed by: Jim Adkins
"Hope" mixed by: Ryan Breen
"Ghost" mixed by: Nick Krill
"Explosion of Birds" mixed by: Stephen Steinbrink

music/words/production/recording/additional mixing by: owen
Bass line on "Hope" collaboration with Aaron Burke



all rights reserved


ROAR Phoenix, Arizona


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Track Name: Dream
I think I know what you want. I think I know what you need. I should be making you happy. Lord knows I'm trying. But the things you can't see make it harder to breathe, and this is just what you asked for, when you fell asleep. You can't see the forest if the trees never stop burning. It sounds like a joke when told to me. I should be learning. Feeling ashamed of an empty threat, "I can still change if I want to." Dreams never come true. No one else can help you.
Track Name: Ghost (of 7th St.)
When you wake up screaming, you have to do what you can to turn a city sidewalk into a desert island. There's so much here to ignore. The world's much uglier than we gave it credit for (being). I don't need a god to punish me. I'm perfectly capable of doing it on my own, so leave me alone. It's a shame to make the same mistakes, but I'm afraid people don't change. You'll never save the moth from the flame. You made a tape, and play it loud to try and drown the demons out. Afraid of what will grow in me, a sap to drown the family tree, my body's just a thing to eat. And where they find me, a star is shining, burning my shadow's shape in the concrete.
Track Name: Explosion of Birds
Beat those desperate wings just to maintain, in that glorious blaze of feathers and flames. Ashes from the meat will form a dead beach, but we could scream a sun to terrify the sea, turn the dirt to glass and wake the deceased. Our hollow bones line the inside frames of stolen BMX bikes. Wake, and then sing. Where there's an end there must be a beginning. Time likes to watch me struggling. A chrysalis formed for orchids moaning, begging the sun to bring the morning, missing the point, the signs, the warnings. Don't go to sleep.
Track Name: Little Sisters
We used the pictures of your little sisters to do what we had to. We did a lot, but we never got caught, so we just continue. Your angel meat will gush in our broken teeth, but we'll remain hungry.
Track Name: Hope
Do I need a reason to wake up lonely all the time? I don't want to see you, but I don't know where to hide. Some mistakes should not be made, like opening your heart. If your heart's upon your sleeve, then amputate the arm. Swim in circles. Water fills your lungs. Why should anyone else offer their help? I mean, just look at the way you never took care of yourself. I'll be numb, but I'll be free. My friends will keep me honest. You won't mean a thing to me. Now, that's what I call, "progress." Is this what you mean when you say that you're making it easier? Now you want the feelings back, now that you're an actor. And phantom pains cannot convince or captivate an audience. Your monologue was such a mess, a reprehensible pretense. Guilt's a modus operandi. You thought that hope was so profound. What if true love doesn't wait for everyone to come around?
Track Name: Goldfinch Nocturne
With golden lungs and ivory teeth, it's still hard to breathe and to speak. Try to take what they were offering. Try to find the good in anything. It's wasted like a breeze on broken wings. When your eyes are flowering, and you can find what's left of me, I'll be waiting patiently for loneliness to set me free.
Track Name: Theophobia
Oh, my god, I'm sorry. We've had some before thee, and you may break my body... Broken, baby, bird bones and the smell of being alone adorn the vanishing throne. Oh no. I'm never going to speak again. Endure the fire flakes, and burn down the garden of Eden. Give up on everyone because nobody's there when you need them.
Track Name: Fading Kitten Syndrome
We bury the children alive. They gave you life. They took it back again. Blink slowly your galaxy eyes. Head toward the light. Sorry for everything. Carry me in your teeth with tender jaws of sympathy (Arrow deep inside the meat impossible for us to reach)... Shattered in a mist of crippled, angel silhouettes... Lift the dirt, and cover me. Lay at my side until I'm finally sleeping.
Track Name: Truck Stop Tiger
You stayed with me like glass between my teeth. We'll burn the house before anyone gets out. When life loses meaning, there doesn't need to be a reason. I may not move today, and If I don't, well, that's okay. Just like a tiger in a gas station cage, when you're stuck in this position, it's like training for the wrong conditions. You've been training for the wrong conditions.
Track Name: The Ocean
The ocean murders a flock of bright orange doves. As they get caught, we can see them. The ocean murders a flock of anything it wants. No one complains, because it's got to be fed, and they're just glad that it didn't see them. And they should blame themselves for that because it's really, really hard to break even.